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salliere - A Duplicate Bridge Scorer

Salliere scores, matchpoints and nicely formats the boards for a duplicate pairs evening. There are two interfaces. The command line is a list of commands followed by two comma-separated files on which to operate. GSalliere is a graphical interface to the same program.

The boards file must contain lines with at least board number, NS pair number, EW pair number, Contract, Declarer and either tricks or the contract must include whether it made (=) went down (-tricks) or made over tricks (+tricks). The names file must list at least pair number followed by two comma separated names.

The commands will add tricks, scores and matchpoint columns to the boards file and total matchpoints, percentages and local/orange points to the names file as appropriate.


Installation instructions are available in INSTALL and instructions for use in README.


This program is released under the GPL. The documentation and sources are available here.

The latest release is 0.8. You can see whats new in the changelog.