Matthew Johnson

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I am involved with various software projects, some of which are listed below.

Project Website Description
Duplicate bridge scoring Software for scoring duplicate bridge events
Bridge hand generation and duplication Software for generating random bridge hands or those meeting specific criteria and a method for duplicating these boards without a duplimate machine.
IMDB Tools A set of tools for searching for IMDB data on a film.
IMDB Tools A set of tools for searching for IMDB data on a film.
D-Bus Java Bindings I wrote and maintain the official bindings of D-Bus to the Java language.
Bridge Web Utils A selection of web-based utilities for Bridge, including an automatic crib-sheet and convention card generator.
Assassins Guild Autoumpire A large software project written in Java which manages the Cambridge University Assassins' Guild's game of Killer.
Java Libraries I am building up a set of Java Libraries to do useful functions that are not supplied with the default distribution. Currently this includes classes and native code to create CGI applications in Java and some IO classes to pipe your input and output streams through command line applications. These are all released under the GPL.
PHP SQL Management A php-based frontend for managing SQL databases, principally MySQL. Developed for the Trinity Hall Computer Support Group, I have also release it separately. This is a tool to help experienced programmers easilly manage SQL database with a minimum of custom coding.