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Fractal Generator

This is a fractal genorator, written in Java. It initially generates a Mandelbrot Fractal, which you can zoom by dragging the mouse. You can also click to generate a Julia set at that point, zoomable as before. On the menu there is an option to calculate a fractal based on complex roots of unity for variable numbers of roots. The current image can also be saved as a JPEG image.

The program is released under the GPL and the source, and compiled bytecode are available here. To verify the signatures you'll need my public key 0x5BE86FB9 (available on the keyservers). Running the .jar archive will work fine, but more options can be had editing the constants in the source, and recompiling. You will need a C preprocessor and preferably v1.3 of the Java SDK



[Mandelbrot.tar.gz] [Sig]